Signergy 2.0: Natural Violence (Artist – CryptoLady Gabi)


Address: 3PGKQv7gajfUnnwCUtUzHz4wF1hSRshPMxp

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Digital and analogue freelance artist. Using photos and drawing to create pieces to express myself in a colorful and surreal way. My work contains lots of nature from the universe to little bugs and of course humans. I like to express some of my personal feelings but also global issues like the environment and what happens in our lives. Besides artist also photographer and IT pro.

Creation detail

Natural Violence is a piece about the violence of nature but also about hope and love. You can find much small elements in this piece referencing this Natural Violence is part of Signergy 2.0. Signergy 2.0 is a collaboration between 24 SignArt artists. 

The collector will receive an MP4 animation and all individual artworks featured.


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