Signergy 2.0: Picnic In The Park (Artist – Eattheart23)

EATTHEART23 – Creator

Address: 3P3iV85eXfkcA3Dd13EpZBYvs1vkKX6AYEN

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Eric Thé born in the Netherlands in 1966, now residing in the UK, creates  digital artworks using a variety of software (i.e: mandelbulb 3d , photoshop, neural transfer & AI)  His background is in street art, graffiti and acrylic painting whilst surrounded by strong influences growing up in a liberal Dutch artist home environment.  With new ideas and challenges he continuously searches to experiment with new styles.  Through his abstract art we feel qualities of harmonious colour explosions in our minds, subtle movement in each piece is soothing and pleasing to the eye.

Creation detail

Skeletal picnic in the park






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