Signergy 2.0: Floreciendo (Artist – MEDUSSART)


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I’m a Visual Artist, Graphic Designer based in Venezuela. What i love the most is make traditional arts and crafts mixing different techniques to achieve multiple textures, my stile is spontaneous, improvised. I love to draw conceptual art, surrealism using mixed media traditional and digital drawing, pointillism is my favorite part, doodle art and so many details i can tell. My artwork is very cosmic, galactic, mystical, magic, spiritual, sometimes can be dark or colorful, also love literature, faerytales, I am poetess so you are going to see my art is an illustrated poetry.

Creation detail

Signergy 2.0 Collaboration

This piece was inspired by the arcane of death which symbolizes blossoming, maturing, transforming, the end of stages, the beginning of a new world full of everything you have been fighting for, waiting for… The wonderful dark arcane of death always present. Each seed is sown in the darkness, germinates in that dark and cold ground and then slowly rises to the surface to absorb and bask in the rays of the sun. Such is life and such is often our journey here on earth as we prepare our mind, heart, body and spirit for change, for evolution and rebirth as do the seasons, the flowers…nature.


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