SIGNERGY 2.0: SOLD for 120 $WAVES (~$2730) 8-19-21


As of 08-20-21 ‘SIGNERGY 2.0’ [1/1] SOLD for 120 $WAVES ($2730) 

After the artifact was deployed, the dazed astronaut jumped into a new dimension. As he wanders through the hallway of NFTs, he is without thoughts and unaware while he’s walking on a never-ending pathway contemplating the artworks he collected. 

Signergy 2 is a collaboration between 24 SignArt artists. The collector will receive an MP4 animation and all individual artworks featured. 

Created by: Ignacio Javier Akshay Durugkar Enzo Ricciardi Bernadarte Medussart Harto Jeametrik lachimera Lojad CryptoLady Gabi NFT Mediaverse Rafarusan64 Rocco Fiumara Sabina Bano Thebandanaboi Hasimul Hasan Richard Gillman Vladby Strange carrots Tianro family art Craig Smith Veshi Eattheart23 VolpArt Happy Collecting.


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